Spelling Words

after, are, came, can't, could, good, here, how, make, now, once, open, our, over, ride, saw, thank, they, would, your

Test on Friday,May 31st (Students will be tested on 15 out of the 20 words).

Use the Tic-Tac-Toe board below to study the spelling words. Have fun!

Tic-Tac-Toe Board
Directions: Complete any 3 activities that will make a horizontal,
vertical, or diagonal line.
Picture Words
Write each word.
Next to it, draw a
symbol or picture to
represent that word.
Spelling City
Play a game online
to practice your spelling
words.(See directions
Scrambled words
Write your words,
then write them
again with the letters
mixed up.
Ex:Smash - hsmsa
ABC Order
Put your spelling
words in alphabetical
Free Choice
Think of a creative way to
study your spelling words.
Word Families
Write each word,
then write words
that have the same
rhyme or ending.
Example: cat - hat,
mat, sat
Synonyms &
Write a synonym and
antonym (opposite)
for each word. If
there is not one,
write the word 5
Practice Test
Ask someone to give
you a practice
spelling test. If you
miss any words, write
them 3 times each.
Rainbow Words
Write each spelling word and
then trace each word with
three different colors.
Spelling City
Go to www.spellingcity.com, Click on Find a List, Type in ““ELE First””, Click on the ““Ele
First““ link under Teacher Name; Click on date, Click Play a Game

Click here to go to Spelling City:
Spelling City Practice (Click on dates to view weekly lists)