Homework/Word Study

1. Nightly Reading - Please read 15-20 minutes. Please feel free to supplement with your own books or use books from the ELE Media Center or Public Library. After reading, please record the title and sign your child's agenda.

2. Math - 1st quarter -

3. Word Study -

Spelling City is a website that builds games around our weekly words. It is one of the squares on the TICTACTOE board. To get there, click on the link above or following the directions below. Here, you will find this week's spelling words. Upcoming words will appear as we get to them.

Directions to access Spelling City:
1. Go to www.spellingcity.com
2. Click on the blue box "Find a list"
3. In the search box, type "ELE First" and click search
4. Click on "ELE First" and find this week's list.
5. Practice, play games, and become a better speller!