Balanced Literacy
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Reader's Workshop
  • Teacher conducts mini-lesson to focus on specific strategy.
  • Students practice independent reading and with partners (using decoding and comprehension strategies) with books at their "just right" level to build fluency.
  • Teacher holds conferences, coaches and conducts guided reading and skill groups to differentiate instruction.Teacher and students share to re-enforce teaching point.
Shared Reading
  • Teacher and students share the responsibility of reading (Poem of the Week, familiar texts) to orchestrate decoding, comprehension and fluency skills.
Accountable Talk Read Aloud
  • Teacher reads text and engages students in discussion to practice various comprehension strategies.
    • Turn and Talk
    • Stop and Act
    • Stop and Sketch
    • Stop and Jot

Work Work
Students work in groups to build skills:
  • Early literacy concepts
  • Phonological awareness
  • Letter knowledgeLetter/ Sound relationships
  • High frequency words
  • Spelling patterns
  • Vocabulary
  • Word structure
Writer's Workshop
  • Teacher conducts mini-lesson to focus on specific strategy.
  • Students practice independent writing (various genres: narrative, poetry, informational)
  • Teacher holds conferences and coaches writers to differentiate instruction. Teacher and students share to re-enforce teaching point.
Interactive Writing
  • Students and teacher write together.
  • Teacher writes "too easy" and "too difficult" parts while students take turns writing the parts that allow them to practice new skills.

Content Areas
Math Investigations
  • Problem solving (showing work, writing equations, communicate)
  • Memorize addition/ subtraction facts to 20 (timed fact tests will begin 2nd quarter)
  • Counting and writing to 120
  • Place value (tens, ones)
  • Measurement (length)
  • Tell/ write time to hour and 1/2 hour
  • Represent/ interpret data (graphs)
  • Identify and compose 2D/ 3D shapes (halves, fourths)
  • Apply scientists skills (inquiry, observation, comparing, classifying) to explore topics:
    • Forces and motion
    • Features and patterns of the earth, moon and sun
    • Properties of earth materials
    • Living things and their environment (plants, animals, humans)
Social Studies
  • History - change in neighborhoods and communities over time
  • Geography - location, landforms, water forms
  • Environment - natural resources, human interaction with environment
  • Economics - goods/ services, supply/ demand
  • Civics - rules, citizenship, authority figures
  • Culture - Holidays, folklore, traditions and celebrations of various cultures

  • Books will come home from school Monday-Thursday nights beginning Monday, September 24th.
  • Students should read for 20 minutes and record reading in their agenda.
  • Return book baggies to school EVERY DAY
Skills Practice
  • Literacy and math skills practice pages will come home on Monday and are due by Friday beginning on Monday, September 17th.
  • Students should practice spelling words nightly beginning on Monday, September 24th with tests on Friday.
  • Students should practice math facts nightly (beginning 2nd quarter)

Elizabeth Lane Elementary Students S-O-A-R!
Self control
On task

We use a Behavior Ladder
  • Start the day on Blue
  • Students move up for good behavior and down for not following rules.
  • Green, Blue and Purple earn “tickets” to collect for incentives/ rewards.Yellow = no ticket earned and parent contact (note or phone call)Red = student must give teacher a ticket/ time-out in another classroom or office referral
  • Two or more yellows – or one or more red- in a week results in a loss of 15 minutes of Fun Friday time.
  • Students indicate their behavior in agendas; parents sign agendas nightly.

Rewards for class compliments, cafeteria and special area / Positive Points for table groups

Odds and Ends

  • Absences – please send a note explaining your child’s absence when he/she returns to school.
  • Early Dismissal – sign out in office; office will call down to our room
  • Transportation changes MUST be written requests.
  • Must go to CMS website and register
  • Holidays Around the World/ Field Day/ Celebrations/ Field Trips
  • 1st quarter conferences - please sign up for a convenient time (see wiki)
  • Weekly newsletters posted on first grade wiki
  • Notes in agendas & daily folder; check and sign nightly
  • Visit the First Grade wiki page at http://www.elefirstgrade.cmswiki.wikispaces.netfor grade level updates
  • Email is the best way to reach me!