Hawks SOAR to success at ELE!
Self control
On task

Third Grade Behavior Plan
As members of our learning community, all students are expected to SOAR every day. Students are expected to demonstrate personal responsibility and follow classroom rules in order to contribute to a positive learning environment for all.

Positive Reinforcements:
Positive reinforcement will be given throughout the school day in various forms in order to create a positive learning environment. Students will have the opportunity to EARN TICKETS as a result of the following demonstrated behaviors and actions: Agenda is signed and completed correctly, making a good choice or decision, showing good character, and SOAR-ing by not getting any strikes. Students will have the opportunity to redeem tickets weekly for incentives. Some of the incentives included are the following: Stickers, erasers, pencils, bring a furry friend, special seat for the day, sit with a friend at lunch, lunch with the teacher, homework pass, and extra computer time. We hope to foster a positive learning environment and personal responsibility so all students will realize the benefits to the group when rules are followed.

Tickets will ONLY be taken away as a behavioral consequence, not as a result of academic negligence.
1st offense (Behavioral/Academic)
  • Individual Reminder/Warning

2nd offense
  • Behavioral: Ticket(s) will be taken away and student will walk and think during recess.
  • Academic: Note/email to parent. Student will be expected to correct/improve during his or her own time.

Multiple Offenses will result in Loss of privileges / Notes/ Referrals